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Sprinklers and turf has helped dozens of clients meet their goals while going above and beyond expectations. Simply look below to see what some of our clients have to say about our AAA results.

What Our Customers Say

“Richard installed the sprinkler system in my first house and I’ve been using him for years to keep it maintained. World class guy!”
Gerry Grizzle, Westminster
“My sprinkler system sprung an underground leak and one of my friends referred Richard to me. Good thing Richard also does grass because he was able to fix the leak and patch the hole in just a couple hours.”
Charles Harris, Anaheim
“I hired Richard about three years ago to install artificial grass into my backyard. I was tired of all the costs and maintenance required to keep my lawn healthy and decided to replace it. Richard did an absolutely amazing job! He showed up on time everyday, worked hard, and got the job done right on time. Best decision I ever made!”
Ronald N. Cook, Garden Grove
“My husband and I have three kids, two dogs, and a HUGE backyard filled with grass. We used to spend so much money just keeping the grass alive and finally decided to replace it with high quality turf. We went through two different contractors who ended up being absolute nightmares (one of them didn’t even have a real license). Then we called Richard and all I can say is what a breath of fresh air. He was able to replace all the grass so fast and it’s still perfect to this day. Our kids and dogs LOVE IT (and so does our wallet)!!! Thanks Richard!!!”
Kathleen Pegram, Newport Beach
“I love my vegetable garden and was researching ways to increase its yield. That’s when I found out about drip irrigation and Richard. Not only are my vegetables twice the size now, I never have to water them or make sure they’re getting the proper nutrients. Lovin’ it! Thank you Richard :]”
Ashley Kerr, Anaheim
“I’m an older lady and just don’t have the strength to keep my garden up. God bless Richard for coming over and taking care of my automatic water system. My plants are always perfect year round now.”
Tina Werner, Laguna Beach
“I remodeled my house in CDM which included replacing the old landscape lighting. It was a big job. Richard came in, designed the full layout, and installed all the lighting in just a few days. Everyone that comes over for dinner now always comments on the great lighting. What more can you ask for?”
Ben Barnett, Corona del Mar
“My next door neighbor is Ben Barnett. Richard did the lighting on his new house. After seeing the results, I asked Ben who did it. At first he didn’t want to tell me trying to conceal his secret weapon. Finally, he told me about Richard and now Ben and I are the envy of the neighborhood.”
James Davis, Corona del Mar

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