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Turf Installation- We’ve been in business for over one decade and are a licensed C27 landscape contractor. We can handle any sized project, large or small, with a guarantee on quality and customer satisfaction. Contact Us.

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Sprinklers And Turf


Sprinklers and Turf installs Artificial Turf from start to finish. The process involves removing existing lawn, disposal, preparation of base with class 2 road base, grade area, compact with plate compactor, install artificial grass cutting around objects, nail perimeter with 5” nails, infill top of grass and broom grass with power broom.

Turf Installation can be installed to replace an existing lawn, over concrete, in shaded areas where it’s hard to grow grass, in areas that stay wet or muddy, in play areas, or even pet areas. We install synthetic turf safe for pets and odor-free.

Sprinklers And Turf


Sprinklers and Turf also offers maintenance of your existing artificial grass such as fluffing up of the turf blades in high traffic areas or we can replace your old turf with new turf. Our turf if 100% lead-free and is safe for humans and pets.

Turf Installation - FAQS

Typically artificial turf installation takes 1-3 days to complete depending on size of yard. Small yards can be finished in one day. Larger projects the First day will consist of removal and preparation and the second day will consist of artificial turf installation.

Artificial turf requires low maintenance to keep it clean and free of weeds. You can use a blower or plastic rake to remove leaves and debris. If you have any weeds growing you can remove them by hand and spray the grass and edges with weed killer. You can broom the fibers up with a push broom going against the blade direction. For any odors you can use simple green or outdoor cleaners.

The life span of artificial turf depends on the amount of traffic the area gets. For high traffic areas It typically lasts 10-15 years and for areas with little to no traffic it can last well over 15 years.

Yes artificial turf will heat up if we have hot days especially in the summer. A simple way to cool the turf down is to water it down with a water hose. Artificial turf does not get any hotter than concrete but keep in mind it is made of synthetic fibers and will get hotter than real natural grass.

Yes, products we use come with a 15 year warranty that cover defects and we give a 2 year workmanship warranty that covers any installation problems.