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Sod Installation Service- We’ve been in business for over one decade and are a licensed C27 landscape contractor. We can handle any sized project, large or small, with a guarantee on quality and customer satisfaction.

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Sprinklers And Turf


Sprinklers and Turf installs sod from start to finish. We install fescue, Bermuda or st Augustine. The process involves removing existing lawn, dispose of old lawn, Rototill soil, bring in amended top soil, grade and install new fresh sod lawn.

Sprinklers And Turf


Our Sprinklers and Turf team experts can repair your dead and uneven lawn. We fix drainage issues, grading or irrigation coverage problems. Contact Us.

Sod Installation Service - FAQS

Sod installation typically takes 2 days depending on size of yard. First day will consist of removing grass, disposal and tilling the soil. The second day consists of top soil and laying sod.

We install Fescue, St. Augustine and Bermuda sod. Fescue is cool season grass and green all year around. St. Augustine and Bermuda are warm season grasses and will go dormant in the winter and cooler months.

You can mow newly installed sod after 10-14 days. Sod will be fully established after 2 weeks. Fertilize as recommended by your brand of choice, typical time is quarterly every brand has different recommendations.

A good lawn length is about 2”- 3”. Longer grass will make a healthier lawn and require less watering.

Everyday for the first three weeks. Week one will be three timer per day, week two will be two times per day and week three one time per day. After that you can water a normal watering schedule which is determined by the season we are in.