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Healthy Plants with conserving water.

Our drip irrigation installation systems are perfect for keeping your garden happy and healthy all year round without constant maintenance.


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Sprinklers And Turf


Sprinklers and Turf installs full-scale drip irrigation installation systems. Drip irrigation is used to water the root base of plants or roses. We can install a new drip irrigation system from start to finish for your garden, planters and potted plants . Save water and convert planter sprinklers to drip lines or to keep water off of house.

Sprinklers And Turf


Sprinklers and Turf can also repair your existing drip irrigation system including replacement of drip heads, replacement of drip lines, replacement of emitters, install drip pressure regulators  or add drip lines to new plants or pots. Contact Us.

Drip Irrigation Installation - FAQS

Yes we can convert a whole station from regular sprinkler heads into drip irrigation.

Yes, drip irrigation saves up to 80% of water used in a traditional sprinkler system.

Typically between 15-30 minutes. Depending on emitter rate and sun exposure.

Drip line emitters range from .05 gph- 10 gph. Most commonly used is 1 gph. Gph would be gallons per hour.

Yes we can but it is recommended to leave them on top of the surface and cover them with mulch or decorative rock. If they are buried too deep they can get clogged and it’s earlier to damage them when digging.