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Landscape Lighting Installation –  Keeping your landscape beautiful 24 hours per day is something we’d love to help you with.

We are experts in the layout and design of landscape lighting using only the highest quality products to ensure astonishing results.

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Landscape Lighting Installation

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Sprinklers And Turf


Sprinklers and Turf can install new lighting systems from start to finish including new wiring, new lights, and new transformer timer. Types of lights we install range in variety from spotlights, tear lights, tree lights and walkway lights. Our Landscape Lighting Installation will accent your landscape at night and add security to your home.

Sprinklers And Turf


Sprinklers and Turf also repairs existing lighting systems including the replacement of lights, replacement of wire, and the replacement of transformer timers. We repair all lighting brands such as Malibu and Vista. We can also upgrade your lighting system to save energy by installing LED lighting. Contact Us.

Landscape Lighting Installation - FAQS

We install low voltage lighting in architectural metal grade and usually LED. From up light spot lights to walkway tier lights.

Outdoor low voltage lighting requires 12 volts.

Landscape lighting is controlled by a transformer which transforms regular 120v outlet power down to low voltage 12 volts which each light requires.

Yes we can replace your old fixtures with new LED fixtures or install a completely new lighting system.