Sod Installation 3 Step Process

Sod Installation 3 step procesSDo you want to know about Sod Installation Process? In this conent we are describing about all 3 steps for sod installlation.

Step 1. Grass Removal and Rototilling

The first step in sod installation is to prepare the surface by removing old grass, weeds and dirt to a depth of 2”-3”. You can use a sod cutter machine tool to help in the removal process. Dispose of all the tear out in a dumpster bin or take it to a local landfill. After excavation you must rototill the soil it’s best to use a large hydraulic rototiller for this process. After the soil is thoroughly tilled you can grade the area away from your house, building or any structures.


Step 2. Top Soil 

The second step in sod installation is to fill the 2”-3” back up with a good amended top soil. Keep the grade going away from any structures. After you have the area filled with top soil and graded you must use a water roller to flatten and lightly compact the area you can fill the water roller half way up. 


Step 3. Sod Installation 

The third and final step of sod installation process is to lay the sod. When laying sod start at the furthest straight edge and work your way toward yourself or hardscape if there is no straight edge create one yourself with the sod. Work your way in one direction on the first row and then come back the opposite way on the next row. Keep the sod closely butted together laying the sod like bricks so that the lines don’t match up on the next row. Keep going laying the sod in a brick pattern laying one row at a time and going the opposite direction as the previous row. You must keep the soil and sod wet after laying a few rows. You can cut the sod using a hand held sod knife. After all the sod is layed water it until it is very wet and roll the top of sod with a water roller half way filled up with water. After sod is rolled you can now enjoy your new lawn. Sod will be fully established in 4 weeks and can be mowed after 2 weeks.  

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